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What Are Persuasive Techniques? How to Learn About It From Experts!

Know what persuasive language is, its techniques, strategies, & examples

Want to leave an impression on readers after they read your document? Then this is something you need to read to the end. So, without wasting time, read this document carefully.

This is a persuasive technique to create urgency. Want to know what a persuasive technique is? This blog, compiled by Cheap Assignment Help, will give you a complete tour of the topic.

What is a Persuasive Technique?

What is a persuasion technique? Persuasive techniques are strategies or methods that can be used to persuade the reader or audience to accept the author's point of view. It is a way of using facts, values, arguments, and conclusions, and ways of thinking can be adopted.

Now, let's take a look at the different types of persuasive writing techniques every student should know to increase the impact of their documents.

Various Types of Persuasive Language Techniques

In this section, we will look at the different features of persuasive language. If you want to improve your persuasive writing, then you need to master these techniques. So, let's take a look at them:


These are descriptive words used to make the viewer experience something special.


These are over-expressed words that can connect to the reader in a much easier way.


These words are used to modify verbs or adjectives to make the reader feel in a certain way.


These are words that begin with the same sound and emphasize the same reason behind it.


The author uses these words to emphasize certain emotions.


This is a short story that is personal and illustrates a certain point.

Every day language

It is also known as colloquialism and is used to make things seem simple.


These are words that have the same meaning but can be used for different circumstances in different contexts.

Emotional Words

It is a series of words that provokes an emotional reaction from the reader.


These words help the writer in exaggerating a certain point of view for the reader.


These are the words the authors use to support their arguments. This can be in the form of statistics, facts, figures, graphs, or other similar information.

Expert Opinion

It is used to add strength to the argument made by the author because it is the opinion of an expert in this field.

Inclusive Language

This technique makes the reader aware by using words like “we” and “us”.


It is a descriptive writing technique that can convince the reader clearly.


Another important technique used to persuade readers is a logical and well-structured argument.


These are words that are explained using other sentences that give a clear meaning.


These are words that rely more on homophones, homonyms, or rhymes.


It is a technique used to repeat words, phrases, and ideas that can strengthen an argument to convey the right meaning to the reader.

Rhetorical question

These are questions that have obvious answers but can lead the reader to certain conclusions.


This is a technique that includes a mocking tone to convey content to the reader.


These are the words used to compare one another and persuade them by describing them.


It is used to describe the overall tone or speech of the article to reach the reader easily.

These are some of the persuasive writing techniques that students should use to craft great content and impress their professors. Now, let's look at some examples of the same for better understanding. Here are some examples of persuasive language that can be very useful for students looking to create impressive documents:

  1. Appeal to Reason -Using numbers, information, facts, and convincing logic.

  2. Appeal to Emotion -Using emotions to make the reader experience a connection.

  3. Appeal to Trust - Using a trust to make people believe in persuading them.

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