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Step By Step How To Apply VISA For Students In Australia

To study in Australia you must apply for admission to an institution and a student visa from the Australian Government.

To study in Australia you must apply for admission to an institution and a student visa from the Australian Government.

Once you have decided on a course and institution in australia it is time to apply. Here we explain step by step how to apply for a student visa in Australia.


How to Apply Visa

Application process

The first step is to register for the course you want. There are two ways to register:

1. Direct to education providers

To apply in person, you can download the application form from the education provider's website. If you enroll in courses at more than one institution, you will need to submit separate applications to the respective institutions you are applying to.

2. Through Australian education institutions

Most institutions partner with a number of agents. Details about the agency where the institution works can be found on their website or by contacting them directly.

what you need to prepare next are supporting documents to be sent with your application. The documents vary depending on the course, provider and qualifications you choose. Required documents include:

  • A certificate verifying your previous studies, including any qualifications you already have.

  • Proof of your English language proficiency.

  • A certificate or document verifying previous study or work experience if you are seeking course credit. It must be translated into English.

Receiving Your Offer Letter

If your application is successful, you will then receive a 'Letter of Offer'. To confirm your offer, you must respond to this letter by signing and sending the acceptance of the offer back to the institution. This step can usually be done by e-mail or, in some cases, by scanning and e-mailing the letter.

this will be the contract between you and the institution. It determines the courses you will take, the registration requirements, the fees you will have to pay, and the refunds you will be paid if you do not complete the course with the provider. This contract is very important - if you do not start a course, or finish a course, this written agreement will be used to determine whether you will receive a refund.


  1. Read the Offer Letter carefully before you accept it.

  2. Make sure you understand all your rights, including refund arrangements.

  3. Do not accept the Offer Letter if you are not satisfied with any of the terms.

  4. Keep a copy of the Offer Letter. You will need a copy so that you know your rights and if you have to file a claim with the institution.

Confirm Registration

After you have accepted the Offer and paid a deposit, you will receive an 'Electronic Registration Confirmation' (eCoE) by email. This will explain your course start date, total course costs and how long your course will run.

Visa application

If you apply for your Student Visa through the Ministry of Interior's online visa application facility, you will need your electronic Registration Confirmation details to submit your visa application. If you are applying for a paper visa, you must provide an electronic Registration Confirmation before the visa is granted.

Generally, middle school exchange students and students sponsored by the Department of State or the Department of Defense are the only students who do not require confirmation of a registration certificate.

You must ensure that you meet the requirements for a student visa before you accept the offer and pay your tuition fees.

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