Malaysia's Independence Day celebrations in Australia 2020

This Independence Day celebration aims to unite all Malaysians living in Australia during this difficult time, to celebrate the independence of the Malaysian state and to remind everyone that we are not alone in a foreign land.

Join us for a casual evening gathering of fellow Malaysians to share happiness, joke, laughter and while enjoying the dishes served.

Malaysia's Independence Day celebrations aim to bring together Malaysian students and professionals
merdeka days in australia

Schedule of Events & Activities

1. Key messages from prominent Malaysians in Australia including the Acting High Commissioner for Malaysia, the Consul General and the Australian Commissioner for Human Rights

2. Learn about the resources available to Malaysia so far

3. Interactive quizzes and trivia on all things Malaysia (may include prizes)

4. The National Anthem and the Gemilang Line sing together

5. Performances from Malaysian artists and talents (surprise!)

6. Meet and greet other Malaysians in your area

This free event was presented by fellow Malaysian students - Belle Lim (VIC), Elsa Chew (WA), Jiajia Koh (NSW), Mengyong Lim (TAS), Oscar Ong (SA), Putra Juharis (VIC), Gary Lee (VIC, Melbourne City)