Jane Halifax returns to TV, After nearly 20 years

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

In a relatively dark year for television, could Dr. Jane Halifax being one of the bright spots?

The new Halifax series: Retribution is the sequel to Halifax f.p., the popular 1990s series starring Rebecca Gibney as the live forensic psychiatrist Dr. Halifax. And while reviving a beloved character can sometimes be a risky business, the TV pundits on the podcast The Televisionaries think it might work.

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"I think it's a tremendous return for the character Jane Halifax, and a really smooth production," said Debi Enker, reviewer of The Guide and Green Guide. These have been quite disappointing years in many ways for local production - and I think these are the best I've seen all year.

Spectrum deputy editor Kylie Northover said the Melbourne show set (which aired on Nine, the masthead's owner) brought audiences a new perspective of the city, with many of the scenes shot from above to complement the sniper's storyline on the loose.

'It makes the city look very different,' he said. 'There's also the scary thing where there's a quick flash of news reports where the city is under lockdown. It's quite interesting.'

But host Louise Rugendyke, who says Gibney is outstanding in the title role, shows a minor frown: if there are snipers hanging around and Halifax is a potential target, why is he moving into an apartment with large glass windows?

'I was really wondering about that,' said Northover.

Later in the episode, experts discussed whether Australian free-to-air channels should be obliged to produce local dramas or not; played a few rounds of the regular game Credit Where Credits Are Payable; and look back at the British police show Prime Suspect.

Tune in to new episodes of The Televisionaries and subscribe to watch upcoming episodes. Previous seasons have featured discussion of why I'll Be Gone in the Dark is so addicting, the bizarre science fiction series that is one of the best shows of the year so far, and why the hype could be the death knell for the new program.





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