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How to Apply for a Visa to Australia

Visiting or migrating to Australia requires a visa which can be a complicated process or can be very easy if you do your research properly. Before applying, you should know what category you fall into so that you apply for the correct visa and have no trouble getting approval.

How to Apply for a Visa to Australia
How to Apply for a Visa to Australia

Finding Your Visa Type

To find out which category you fall into, you can use a tool like Find Visa online. According to the data you provide, the website will generate the best category that you should apply. You will find out which Australian visa will best suit your specific situation. Alternatively, you can visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. If you need further assistance, you will need to visit the visa office at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi. You should familiarize yourself with the various categories available for visa applications to find the one that suits you best.

1. Work Visa

Temporary Residence with Work Rights

Working holidaymaker

2. Temporary entry visa


Foreign Government Agency

Special Program

Working holiday


Visiting Academic



Media & Film Staff

General Lecturer

Domestic Workers (Diplomatic/Consular)

Domestic Workers (Overseas Executive)

Religious Workers

Work training

3. Visitor Visa

4. Business Visa

5. Student visa

6. Permanent entry visa

  1. Humanitarian Program

  2. Migration Program

  • Skilled Migrants

  • Business Migrants

  • Migrant Families

7. Transit

8. Medical treatment

9. Population Return

10. Getting Visa Labels

11. Nationality Based on Descendants

Understand and Identify your visa category, you should read all the details and information available for the category. This will help you understand the process, required paperwork, fees and charges, photo specifications, and the time it will take to process them.

How to Apply for an Australian Visa

To apply for an Australian visa, you must follow certain procedures. You must first get the application form. After you fill out the form, you need to pay a fee and service fee. You can then submit the form along with the required documents. After that, you have to wait for your visa to be processed. You will be able to track the status of your visa application. Once processed, you will be notified whether your visa was approved or rejected.

Australian Visa Application Form

You can download the form online or you can visit the nearest Australian Visa Application Center to get the form. Applicants should read all instructions carefully before filling out the form. The forms are detailed and contain important information about your entry into Australia. Once you have read and understood the information, you can start filling out the forms. Enter all the required details.

Australian Visa Application Payment

After you have filled out your form, you will have to make payment for the application fee. You can pay directly at the payment center service or online. If you are applying from Australia, payment by credit card is preferred. You can also use money orders or bank checks. If you are paying from outside Australia, you will need to check with the Application Center about accepted payment methods and accepted currencies, and to whom payment should be made.

The following fees may apply:

  1. Basic Application Fee

  2. Non-Internet Application Fee

  3. Additional Applicant Fee 18 years and over (at the time of application)

  4. Additional Applicant Fee under 18 years (at time of application)

  5. Next to Temporary Application Fee

  6. The following are the accepted payment methods for visa application fees.

  1. Bank Check - payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

  2. Money order - payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

  3. Credit Card - Additional fees may apply for credit card payments. If you are applying in Australia, payment by credit card is preferred. The following credit cards are accepted.

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • American Express

  • JCB

  • Dining Club

Australian Visa Documents Required

The documents you need will be mentioned on your application form. Documents vary between subtypes and between individuals. You have to prepare all your documents. Also be educated about other requirements that visas require such as sponsorship, letters of support, letters of invitation, health requirements, and so on.


You should read the Security Rules thoroughly before you visit the Australian Visa Application Centre. You can then visit the nearest center located in India, Nepal, or Bhutan and submit the application. You can also send your application by post to centers that accept postal applications.


Once you have submitted your application, processing times may vary depending on your situation. Each subtype also requires different processing times. Please check your sub-category for the processing time of your application. If you have provided false information or inaccurate information, then this may delay processing time and may even lead to rejection. You are advised not to book a plane ticket to Australia before your visa is approved. Delay or rejection of your application will result in the loss of your ticket and the costs will be borne by you.

Where to Apply for a Visa to Australia

You can apply for an Australian visa using one of the three methods listed below:

  1. Online - You can apply for a visa to Australia online. Fill in the relevant form on the Australian visa website and submit it.

  2. Australian Visa Application Center - Visit the nearest center and submit an application.

  3. Postal Service - You can send your application to the application center by post.

Tracking Australia Visa Application Status

You can track the status of your application online.

  1. For applications made before July 1, 2013, you may include your application reference number, passport number, and travel destination stated on the receipt. You will receive the application status.

  2. For applications made after 1 July 2013, you only need to enter your VLN number and date of birth as shown on the receipt.

  3. VFS Global will also send you application status notifications via email and SMS to the contacts you provide in your application form.

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