STUDENT VISA TO AUSTRALIA - If you wish to study in Australia you will need to apply for a student visa. Here we will describe a step-by-step guide.

If you choose a program for a short time, for example, a language course, you can use a tourist visa for a maximum of 12 weeks. However, for university studies and all long-term programs, you will need to apply for a student visa by following these steps:


1. How to get a CoE And Apply to a school in Australia

Before you apply for a student visa in Australia you must be registered as a student in an Australian school. After that, you will receive a written offer letter from the school, pay the tuition fee then the school will send your CoE and Confirmation of Registration. This document is very important for you to start your visa application. If you are going to take multiple subjects, for example first taking a preparatory language course and then studying at a university/college, you will need a CoE for each program.

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2. Register and create an account with the Australian immigration authority

you can apply for an Australian visa online. Before applying for a visa, you must create an account at

Immigration authorities will ask you to enter your identifying data such as name, telephone number, and email address, etc. Then you can create an account and accept their terms.

3. Make sure you have all documents in digital format

documents required To apply for a student visa:

  • your CoE document

  • OSHC health insurance.

  • A passport that is valid for the duration of your stay in Australia

  • Proof of temporary residence: on your application, you must state that you only plan to live temporarily in Australia.

Depending on where you are applying from and where you will study additional documents will be required. Some of the common documents you may need are:

  • Additional identity documents such as birth certificates

  • Proof that you can pay for your studies, such as a checking account

  • Proof that you have enough knowledge to pass the study you want, such as a certified score report and IELTS test results.

  • Evidence of previous employment such as employment contracts, paychecks, etc.

  • Documentation of a criminal offense if you have been convicted.

If you are applying online, all documents must be uploaded in digital format. So it is a good idea if you have access to the scanner while you are doing the application or you can scan all of them first. All documents must be translated into English by a certified translator. You can save your application and continue later if you miss some documents.

4. Complete the visa application online

You should apply for a student visa subclass 500. The application can be made at the earliest 124 days before your course starts (according to the date on your CoE).

On the first page, you fill in your nationality and your CoE code(s). You should also choose your Education sector, for example, ELICOS for language courses or Higher Education for courses that lead to a university degree.

Thereafter you will be asked to submit personal details, family details, answer questions about your previous education and work experience, and submit details about your health and criminal record. You can save the application and take a break if you want.

5. Pay the visa fee and get a TRN-number

When you have completed the application you should pay the application fee which currently is 575 AUD. The easiest is to pay it with a credit card online.

6. Possible health checkup and interview

Depending on where you will study and where you live you might also need to do a health checkup and/or a visa interview. You will receive this information about this when you complete the application above if it applies to you.

7. Get your visa decision

How long it takes to get your visa decision depends on where you are applying from and how busy the Australian immigration authorities are. In our experience, you usually get your decision within one or a couple of weeks once your application is complete.

8. Travel to Australia

Once you have received your visa you can enter Australia at the earliest 90 days before the course start date printed on your CoE. If you have not booked accommodation through your school you should inform them of your address in Australia within 7 days of arriving there.

Usually, you have the right to stay in Australia for 30 days after your course ends or 60 days if your course lasts longer than 10 months. All these date limits should be written on your visa and if that information differs from what we write here you should always follow the instructions on your visa.

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