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Guide to Writing Good Articles Review | How to Write an Article Review

What is an Article Review?

Article reviews are about summarizing an article with an updated understanding of the topic. The author prefers previously published articles and surrounding surveys rather than telling new facts or analyzes. It's important to do in-depth research to find accurate arguments. Article reviews can be in the form of literature reviews or critical reviews. Lengthy documents are under literature review, and certain books or articles receive a critical review. There is a specific format and guidelines that everyone should follow when writing an article review. Many students wonder - why are article reviews important? How is this useful? Well, below are the answers to your questions.

Guide to Writing Good Articles Review  How to Write an Article Review
Guide to Writing Good Articles Review How to Write an Article Review

Why write a review article?

If you've been working on a topic for some time, writing a review article gives you the opportunity to share what you've learned.

Review articles can be of great use to other researchers, introducing them to the main literature available and summarizing the current state of the field.

The process of doing literature reviews and writing review articles can also be a great way to help you find out about topics you are not very familiar with.

How do you write review articles?

Here are seven important things to consider when writing a review article:

1. Check the purpose and scope of the journal

Make sure you have read the purpose and scope of the journal you submit and are following them carefully. Different journals accept different types of articles and not all will accept review articles, so it's important to check this before you start writing.

2. Determine your scope

Determine the scope of your review article and the research questions you will answer, making sure your articles make new contributions to the field.

As award-winning author Angus Crake told us, you also need to “scale your review so that it is manageable, not too big or small; it may be necessary to focus on recent progress if the field is already established. "

3. Find sources to evaluate

When finding sources to evaluate, Angus Crake says it is very important that you "use multiple search engines/databases so that you don't miss anything important."

To find studies for a systematic review in medical science, read advice from the NCBI.

4. Write a title, abstract, and keywords

Take the time to write an effective title, abstract, and keywords. This will help maximize the visibility of your articles online, ensuring the right readers find your research. Your title and abstract should be clear and informative.

For more information and guidance on how to do it right, read our guide to writing good abstracts and titles and our researcher's guide to search engine optimization.

5. Introduce the topic

Start with an overview of the topic and provide some context, explaining why a review of the topic is necessary. Gather research to inform your introduction and make it broad enough to reach a large, non-specialist audience. This will help maximize its relevance and wider impact.

Don't make your introduction too long. Divide the overview into sections of appropriate length so that the main points can be identified more easily.

6. Include critical discussions

Make sure you include critical discussions, not just descriptive summaries of the topic. If there is contradictory research in your area of focus, be sure to include an element of debate and cover both sides of the argument. You can also use your review paper to resolve conflicts between contradictory studies.

7. Use critical friends

One last check. Always do a final spell and grammar check of your article before submitting it.

You may want to ask a critical friend or colleague for feedback before you send it out. If English isn't your first language, consider using an essay and article writing service. Find out more about cheap assignments online Services.

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