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Google Threatens Australia To Revoke Search Engine System

Australia, Google threatens to threaten search engines (search engines) in Australia before the Australian Parliament passes a bill that comes Google pays mass media content providers.

D quote from The Sydney Morning Herald, Managing Director of Google Australia Silva during a hearing with Parliament said the policy remains "unworkable" and Google is ready to exit the Australian market.

Google Threatens Australia To Revoke Search Engine System
Google Threatens Australia To Revoke Search Engine System

Mel Silva continued, Google will cancel Google Search in Australia if it continues the law proposed by the government of Prime Minister Scott John Morrison.

"If this rule is passed into law, it will not give us a real choice but to stop providing Google Search in Australia," said Mel Silva, Friday (22/1).

It is the first time that Google has made a major function of threats to all Australians in response to the law.

When asked on Friday for Google's statement, Prime Minister Scott John Morrison said the government would not be a threat.

"Australia sets the rules for the things you can do in Australia. It's done in our Parliament. It's done by our government, and that's how it works here in Australia. People who want to work with Australia, you are very welcome. But We're not a threat, "said Scott John Morrison.

Mel Silva described the ultimatum as a "scenario." Mel Silva said that "It's not a threat and" this. "

"We have to conclude that after looking at the legislation in detail, we don't see a way, with financial and operational risks, can continue to offer services in Australia," he said.

Mel Silva reiterated Google's old argument that the rule would "undermine" Google's business model by forcing it to pay for news content to provide links to their news content. This step claims Google can destroy the concept of a free and open internet.

For your information, Australia has drafted a law whereby Google and Facebook pay the mass media for news content in accordance with this technology platform.

In Australia, there has been an imbalance in which Google and Facebook get large revenue from digital advertising even though they do not have content, while the mass media that have content get a small portion of advertising.

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